Memorial wall to bring attention to opioid deaths

By Teri Vance   A new display in front of the state Capitol is designed to bring awareness to the opioid crisis across Nevada and the nation. “Friday is International Overdose Awareness Day,” explained Samantha Szoyka, the youth program coordinator for Partnership Carson City. “We wanted to educate the community about this crucial issue. We [...]

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Residents drop off unused drugs, needles for disposal

By Teri Vance Hurl Mahurin lost his wife, Linda, to breast cancer in 2014. She was diagnosed at stage 4 three years prior, and the cancer eventually ate away at bone and tissue in her back and leg. “With the kind of pain she was in, they prescribed her tons of medications,” Mahurin said. “She [...]

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Nevada’s death rate from meth, other stimulants highest in nation

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports: Nevada’s amphetamine death rate is highest in the nation and will soon eclipse the state’s prescription opioid death rate if current trends continue, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more

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New study: opioid addiction pushes nearly 1 million out of workforce in 2015

The Washington Post reports: Nearly 1 million people were not working because of opioid addiction in 2015, the latest research to show that drug use is having a profound effect on the U.S. economy. Read more

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Workshop to guide employers through marijuana policies

Employers who may be struggling with policies concerning drugs in the workplace after the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, will benefit from a training Feb. 13 at the Carson City School District Office. Jo McGuire, CEO of Jo McGuire Inc. and Senior Projects Manager of TSS, Inc., has keynoted several conferences in regards to [...]

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Carson City Board of Supervisors delay marijuana sales

Recreational marijuana will probably not be available to buy in licensed retail stores in Carson City until early next year. The Board of Supervisors on Thursday heard an ordinance establishing business licenses for recreational marijuana businesses and decided to delay issuing licenses for the point-of-sale outlets until Jan. 1. Read More.

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First responders alerted to the dangers of fentanyl and butane hash oil

By Maggie O'Neill The health, and even lives, of first responders are at threat when they enter a home where drugs are being cut with dangerous synthetics. That's because new synthetics, such as fentanyl, are now on the street. About eight months ago, the Drug Enforcement Agency issued alerts that street manufacturers were cutting heroin [...]

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‘Out of control’ opioid epidemic rages, legislative efforts increase

By Jackie Valley and Megan Messerly If Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross had seen the news, he would have recognized the man captured in surveillance images who had been robbing local businesses. It was his son. Read more.

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