• #wazoo #fieldday #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #partnershipcarsoncity #OneUp
  • One Up Movie Night at the new Partnership Carson City headquarters! #carsononeup #partnershipcarsoncity #movienight #hauntedmansion #disney
  • "Nevada health officials on Tuesday said a bill aimed at curtailing opioid overprescription will keep decision-making in the hands of physicians, not lawmakers.
    The provisions of Assembly Bill 474, which the Legislature passed into law this year and takes into ...
  • Big welcome to Tasha Martel, Partnership Carson City's new grants manager and community outreach coordinator. With Martel's bachelor’s degree in nutrition and minor in drug-addiction treatment, she's a perfect fit for PCC, which strives to improve the community’s health at ...
  • Help protect our community and water supply by properly disposing of your unused or expired prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, prescription liquids, pet medications and syringes.
    Partnership Carson City will set up Drug Roundup stations from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Oct. 21 ...
  • Here's a big welcome to Partnership Carson City's new director, Hannah McDonald. The daughter of Linda Lang, who ran the Community Council on Youth which would later become Partnership Carson City — McDonald was active in the program’s youth counterpart ...
  • Anti-smoking advocates believe today's youth are nearing a turning point; teen tobacco and e-cigarette use have dropped to historic lows. #partnershipcarsoncity #gethealthycarsoncity
  • Beginning on July 7th at the Ron Wood Family Resource Center, the "Healthy Choices Teen Group" will be held once a week from 10-11 a.m. for 8 weeks. Open to ages 12-17, this will be a place where teens can ...
  • "The national smoking rate has fallen to historic lows, with just 15 percent of adults still smoking. But the socioeconomic gap has never been bigger." #partnershipcarsoncity http://bit.ly/newtobaccocrisis
  • Don't forget! Today at 6:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:30) Sierra Nevada Forums in conjunction with PCC will host a presentation by Lt. Raymond Spencer on "The Dark Side of Social Media." Attendance is free and the training will be ...
  • Serious issues are brewing in Carson City. New phone apps are emerging that take kids through a series of "challenges" escalating in self harm activities, and ultimately encouraging suicide. -
    Coming up on June 13th, training will be available at ...
  • Partnership Carson City Youth Program Coordinator Brooklyn Maw, right center, works with One Up members, from left, Diana Alonso, Aadra Reed and Dominic Goodner at the Carson High School in Carson City, Nevada. Since taking over in September, Maw has ...
  • Did you know? #partnershipcarsoncity #gethealthycarsoncity
  • Marijuana can cause problems for a developing baby. Studies have found babies exposed to marijuana weighed less and had smaller head sizes. Being born too small or too early are leading causes of serious health problems and death for infants ...
  • Learn more about the effects of using marijuana on www.pcccarson.org and by reading the various news links posted on PCC's Facebook and Twitter accounts. #partnershipcarsoncity #gethealthycarsoncity
  • 64% of Nevada high school students reported trying alcohol, according to a 2015 survey. #gethealthycarsoncity #partnershipcarsoncity
  • To access our extensive list of resources, go to www.pcccarson.org and scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Or call the number posted above ^ #gethealthycarsoncity #partnershipcarsoncity
  • #partnershipcarsoncity #prevention #carsonproud #gethealthycarsoncity #drugfreeworld #drugfree #carsoncity
  • When we work together as a community we can achieve wellness! #partnershipcarsoncity #gethealthycarsoncity #carsonproud #prevention
  • #oneup #partnershipcarsoncity #prevention #gethealthycarsoncity
  • Marijuana unlike cigarettes does not have a filter, which then quadruples the amount of tar and toxins into your lungs. Get more facts at pcccarson.org #gethealthycarsoncity #prevention #partnershipcarsoncity
  • With 13 Reasons Why releasing, it is important to realize the impact we can make on others lives; whether it be positive or negative. We may not know what someone's struggles may be, so be kind to each other. You ...
  • "Every day in the US, 2,500 youth (12 to 17) abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.
    Prescription drug abuse, while most prevalent in the US, is a problem in many areas around the world including Europe, Southern ...
  • Every choice has a result or repercussion whether it be positive or negative. Make choices that will make you and your life better! #abovetheinfluence #carsononeup #chs #carsonhighschool #partnershipcarsoncity #gethealthycarsoncity
  • Bring your unused and expired prescription drugs to the round up! For more information visit our website, the link is in our bio #gethealthycarsoncity #partnershipcarsoncity #carsoncity
  • #tobaccofree #prevention #partnershipcarsoncity #oneup #gethealthycarsoncity #carsoncity
  • It's a big problem, but change can happen at a small, individual level. #bethechange #partnershipcarsoncity
  • Fighting Nevada's opioid and heroin epidemic one day, one life at a time. #gethealthycarsoncity #partnershipcarsoncity
  • Get your kids to eat well and avoid eating disorders by shifting attention away from numbers and towards a healthy body image. #gethealthycarsoncity #washingtonpost #partnershipcarsoncity
  • Advocates to End Domestic Violence aid victims through reporting process. Read more on pcccarson.org. #gethealthycarsoncity #partnershipcarsoncity #advocatestoenddomesticviolence

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Drug Round-up

October 19 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Free Safe Voice/Tip Line Summit (CE)

October 22 @ 7:30 am - October 24 @ 7:15 pm

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