Partnership Carson City. Education. Prevention. Results.

Partnership Carson City started as a campaign to fight the spread of methamphetamine more than a decade ago. Since then, it has taken on the role of a coalition to support and organize all kinds of services throughout the capital city.

It still focuses on preventing drug abuse — not just meth. PCC sponsors prescription drug roundups and offers educational sessions on the latest synthetic drugs, for example. At the same time, it promotes a variety of programs that help kids and families be more healthy and safe. Its roots can be traced to the former Community Council on Youth, a longtime advocate for young people in Carson City.

PCC does this mostly by helping other organizations obtain state and federal grant money and making sure their work is coordinated and effective. In fact, many government grants require that an organization like Partnership Carson City exist to help reduce redundancy and waste in services. There is a similar coalition for every county in Nevada.

Since the days of fighting meth, PCC has evolved to a more proactive approach, because it is almost always more efficient to prevent problems than to deal with the aftermath. For example, PCC is now working in areas such as mental health by offering first-aid training so people can get help before they hurt themselves or somebody else. It was a lot easier to describe Partnership Carson City when it was all about “Stop Meth” and had volunteers tacking up posters of addicts. But it still can be summed up in three words: Education, prevention and results.