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Teri Vance is a freelance beat writer for the Partnership Carson City team.

Presentation warns of dangers and trends of drug use

Pipes disguised as highlighter pens and lipstick cases. Aerosol cans and water bottles that are secret containers for stashing drugs. Hannah McDonald, youth program coordinator and training specialist for Partnership Carson City, laid out in a presentation for counselors at Carson High School some of the ways youth are hiding their drug use. “There’s so many [...]

2016-10-16T20:22:57-07:00August 30th, 2016|Drug Info, News, Teen Health|

Juvenile probation officers learn local drug trends

A new drug called “dove” — typically created by mixing LSD, meth and MDMA — has made an appearance in Carson City, Deputy Josh Chaney told a group of law enforcement officials this week. It was one of several unfamiliar drugs that his fellow officers might across, warned Chaney, a drug-recognition expert and member of [...]

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Roundup scheduled for prescription drugs and hypodermic needles

Volunteers will be collecting unused or outdated prescription medications, along with hypodermic needles, at three Carson City locations on Saturday. For the fifth year, Partnership Carson City will set up stations from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in front of both Save Mart Supermarkets and Smiths to collect prescription and over-the-counter medications, needles and pet medications. “Every [...]

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Pharmacists learn warning signs of prescription drug abuse

Mayor Bob Crowell likes to say Carson City is the best city in the state, if not the country. But at a recent gathering of area pharmacists and technicians, he acknowledged some of its hidden shortcomings. “When you pull back the sheets, we’ve got problems,” he said. “Prescription drugs are a big part of that [...]

2016-09-04T22:07:12-07:00August 5th, 2016|Drug Info, News, Prescription Drugs|

Recreational marijuana: Not a simple question

A question on the upcoming ballot asking voters to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in Nevada may seem simple. But a local attorney is urging residents to take a closer look to understand all the possible implications. “It’s a 13-page initiative that was written by the marijuana industry,” said Jim Hartman, a semi-retired Genoa [...]

2016-10-16T17:55:28-07:00August 5th, 2016|Drug Info, Marijuana, News|

Marijuana clouds issue of workplace drug use

By Doresa Banning All employers must protect their workers, their customers and themselves when it comes to illicit drug use in the workplace. Doing so will become especially crucial if Nevadans, through November’s ballot, vote to legalize the recreational sale and regulation of marijuana and related products. This was the primary message of a “Marijuana [...]

2016-11-16T01:49:32-07:00August 5th, 2016|Drug Info, Marijuana, News|

Youth group warns students of dangers of prescription drug abuse

Aadra, 14, remembers climbing up in her great-grandfather’s bathroom to change a lightbulb. She looked over at the top of the medicine cabinet where she saw a spoon and lighter hidden. That’s when she learned that both of her uncles had a heroin addiction. “They both abused heroin and prescription drugs,” she said. “They would [...]

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